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falco electric bike motorDeveloped and manufactured by an international team from Europe, India and the United States, Falco’s advanced electric bike systems are powerful, ultra-fast and feather-light. Already hailed as "the future of electric bike propulsion," HX motor technology offers high torque and power density for high-speed operation and zero drag when pedalling. Falco’s 5-phase motor kits are now available in 500 Watt, 750 Watt and 1000 Watt motor sizes.


electric powered bikeThe Bionx motor system is the lightest conversion kit on the market and the Bionx motor is easy to install on any bicycle to amplify your pedal strokes for instant power and up to 60 miles on a charge. Order the Bionx Electric Bike Motor Kit from Electric Cyclery.

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folding bicyclesFor planes, trains and automobiles, Bikefold.com has one of the largest selections of folding bicycles and travel bikes in North America. Check out the amazing Change Bike mountain and hybrid folding bikes with double locking technology; Montague Paratrooper for off-road adventures; world- famous Dahon Folding Bicycles. Stop by our Laguna Beach folding bike showroom for a test ride and custom fitting.

e-Motion NEOThe NEO Bikes are special. Neo's innovative design integrates the battery into the down tube and makes it totally removable and virtually invisible –a unique, patented innovation. As a result, the E-Motion Neo is an electric bike that does not look like an electric bike. No surprise that E-Motion Neo electric bikes won the 2011 Eurobike Award for innovative design.

easy motion emotion NEO JumperEasily our best selling NEO model, the Easy Motion NEO Jumper is the only full-suspension electric mountain bike on the market. The NEO Jumper provides long rides and loads of fun on the trail. Multiple settings give you the power to pedal up the steepest of hills or the option to boost your ride with throttle on demand.

Biria Electric City BikeBiria USA bikes are designed for comfort, practicality and ease of use - an excellent choice for a reliable, entry-level electric bike. Famous for their German designed Easy Boarding bicycles, Biria USA's Electric City Bike is an all around, general use electric bike for errands, commuting and trips around town.

motive electric bike beach cruiser bicycleMotiv produces laid-back electric beach cruisers in cool, custom colors for easy riding on sunny California days. But don't be fooled by Motiv's relaxed attitude, these are totally serious electric bikes with 500w motors and a choice of 36 or 48 volt.

electric skateboard e-glideE-Glide builds the world's finest Powerboards with top components and a hand-controlled electric drive system that delivers speeds up to 30 mph. Not to be confused with cheaper, imported electric skateboards, E-Glide Powerboards are built for the long ride because repairs are easy and replacement parts are always available.

e-glide gt powerboard electric skateboardBased on initial customer reaction, we expect E-Glide's GT to become their best selling power board. The GT electric skateboard feels “alive”. The combination of a“dropped” quarter inch aluminum deck and low profile Kenda pneumatic tires, results in sweet carving and total control.

stromer electric bikeWith either pedal assist or throttle on demand, the Swiss-designed Stromer bikes offer riders serious power and decent range. Cool factor is increased by a hidden, removable 36 volt lithium battery built into the frame. A silent brushless 600 watt motor provides the Stromer Electric Bike with plenty of speed and torque. classic electric bikesElectric Cyclery presents a collection of classic, vintage and totally unique electric bikes. Right now we've got a mint condition Lectra VR24 electric motorcycle, a like-new Optibike 850R mountain bike and the crazy fast Mighty Jackal electric drag racer. See these amazing electric bikes and more at Electric Cyclery.

Electric Cyclery in Orange County, CaStop by our store on the Pacific Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, California and test ride our electric bikes and folding bikes including the Bionx electric bike conversion kits, Neo Electric Bikes, Motiv Electric Beach Cruisers, E-Glide electric skateboards and the amazing Optibike Electric Bike.

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