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xena bicycle alarm lock

xena bike lock alarm

Xena Alarm Locks are internationally recognized as the strongest, smartest and easiest to use alarm locks on the market. British designers and engineers who sought to invent a unique and technologically advanced security product created XENA - a patented, lock alarm system for motorcycles and bicycles.

motion alarm for bikesAll XENA lock alarms share the same alarm-sensor technology. No on-off switch is required. Each XENA electronic module houses infrared transmitters and receivers linked to a microprocessor that allows your XENA unit to detect the presence or absence of the cable mount.

Moving the cable or tampering with the unit while it is locked to your bike will trip one or both of the shock and movement sensors, setting off the alarm and warning you and any potential bike thieves.

Simply the world's finest disc-lock design...
XENA disc-locks combine the highest-quality steel lock body and electronic components with a unique high-security key and barrel. This baby is virtually indestructable. The exceptional rugged- build quality speaks for itself.

With a 120dB alarm built right in...
Auto-arming and maintenance free, all XENA disc-lock alarms have a siren triggered by both shock and motion sensors. At source, the new XX Series alarm has been rated a piercing 120dB -- as loud as a rock concert.

bicycle alarm lock

xena bicycle alarm lock


  • XENA XZZ Silver Disc Brake Lock
  • XBP-1 Battery Pack
  • 3 Keys, 1 metal tool with key code
  • 6.5 ft XV high tension steel cable
  • XENA carrying case for lock and cable


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