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bionxBionx PL 350 HT DT L

bionx motor systemBionx PL 350 HT DT L
350 watt high torque motor, down tube frame mounted 36v long range battery

The Bionx PL 350 HT DT L is the most popular Bionx conversion kit for riders into hill climbing or off-road adventures. Bionx's 350 watt motor is a powerhouse of acceleration, directly amplifying your pedal strokes to propel your bike up the steep stuff with amped-up proportional assistance. Ideal for fast commuting or speed mountain biking, the PL 350 works well with 20", 26" or faster 700c size wheels to convert your existing bike into an electric power machine.

The Bionx system can be installed on a tandem, folding bike or recumbent; any bicycle with an external shifting system. Gearing installation is easy with a threaded freewheel. A thumb throttle is included on all kits from Electric Cyclery.

Bionx PL 350 HT DT L electric motor kits are currently in stock at
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Laguna Beach, California
PL 350 HT RR L: $1700 - ORDER ONLINE
Maximum Speed 20 mph with motor only bionx 350 watt motor
Assist Levels 35%, 75%, 150%, 300% assist or throttle only
Range 56 miles. Maximum range based on one charge, level 1 (35%).
Torque (Nom./Max.): 9.0/40.0 Nm (6.6/29.5 lb.-ft.)
Weight 17 lbs. system
Motor Type Direct drive generative wheel motor (gearless - brushless)
Motor Power 350 watts/700 watts peak
Battery 37 volt 9.6 Ah, 355 Wh, L-ion battery
Battery Size 13 x 7 x 3.5 inches

The Bionx system is powered by a zero-maintenance 350 watt motor with pedal assist and thumb throttle. It is equipped with magnetic field drive technology and there is no friction inside the motor, thus no wear. Bionx SinDrive technology uses unique software that keeps the motor silent and vibration free while increasing its efficiency and power. SinDrive allows for smoother riding and a seemless integration of rider and motor. Produce your own energy with the Bionx regenerative motor. By activating the brake lever or using the Generation levels, the motor will automatically transform your speed into energy and store it back into the battery. Ride, regenerate and use the stored power to extend your ride.

bionx 37v batterySo much Battery Power - so little weight
Ride long distances with no worries knowing that you’ll have the power you need, whenever you need it. The Bionx Lithium Manganese rechargeable battery is safe, stable, light, and extremely compact. A single charge of the battery can last up to 56 miles or more when using the regeneration mode. The BionX system includes a charger that will recharge your battery in less than three hours. The battery itself is easily installed using water bottle mounts or a rear rack. It locks into place with a unique key and can be removed within seconds for charging on or off the bike.
Bionx electric bike console

Command Console and Throttle
Mounted near the center of your bicycle's handlebars, the Bionx Command Console is equipped with a microprocessor that provides both assistance and generation modes.
Other features include back lighting, speedometer, multifunction odometer, battery gauge, stress meter, and diagnostic modes. For security, the Command Console is easily removed to take with you when parking your bike.

Bionx throttle G2The G2 Thumb Throttle
The G2 independent throttle allows you to install the thumb throttle close to the handlebar grips for easy thumb access and mount the Command Console closer to the visual center of your handlebars. Adjust your assistance and generation levels with the plus and minus buttons or just hit the red button and off you go. We love that little red button but it empties the battery much faster than pedal assist.
The G2 Thumb Throttle option is included with all Bionx kits sold by Electric Cyclery.


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