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MACHINE X - the geared electric bike
Machine X at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Machine X set a world speed record for electric bikes at Bonneville Flats in September 2006.

Using twin 500 Watt electric motors, a sequential Rohloff 14-speed gearbox, and "partial streamlining", the Machine X electric bike established a first ever speed record for electric bicycles, easily reaching 58.6 mph at the 2006 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials by Bub.

Although this is a turbo-charged version of Machine X, the technology featured in this bike meets the State of California vehicle code definition of a street legal electric bicycle with no more than 1000 Watts of rated electric motor power and working pedals. While this custom Machine X is capable of speeds greater than 58.6 mph, the fact we were able to make the grade in the mandatory 2 mile acceleration zone that precedes the timing traps at mile marker #3 is extraordinary by itself considering Machine X was "pegged" with a 40 amp rated 48V NiMH pack.

electric bike racing pitThis is even more amazing when you consider that:

1. In the same time trial, an electric motorcycle equipped with 700 pounds of batteries reached only 71 mph.

2. With only twenty pounds of batteries, a 65 pound Machine X ran for two hours on 1/2 charge (meaning we could have run the event with only 5 pounds of batteries).

3. Our energy consumption cost per run was $0.10, with a total electricity cost during the duration of the event of $1.00 +/- (not counting the gas usage for the rental van to and from Bonneville, and the 1000W Honda generator that consumed 4 oz. of gasoline powering soldering guns in our pit).

4. That Machine X was allowed entry into the Bonneville Speed Trials in the first place - and have been invited back!

machine x with partial streamliningThe next record establishing event in the 1000 Watt category will be a closed course speed demonstration at California Speedway where we expect to achieve a benchmark speed of 70 - 80 mph in the flying mile.



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